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Innovative Solutions Overview

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Pakistan Oxygen to touch the lives of millions of people with a commitment towards safety, operational excellence and innovation. Each day we embark on our mission to support customers with innovative products engineering solutions in industrial healthcare sectors, enhancing value creation business sustainability. With nearing nine decades of legacy of trust, Pakistan Oxygen is your partner to explore the exciting possibilities of the future.

Remote Monitoring Solution

A sensor-based telemetry device installed at customer sites that offers real-time stock monitoring of Bulk gas tanks. The application ensures proper supply scheduling and delivery of product which customers can also monitor by logging into a customized portal.

Our teams can develop tailor-made solutions for your requirements. Please reach out to us for further evaluation of your requirements.

Asset Tracking System

A world-class and unique smart-phone supported application to track, manage and maintain gas cylinders. The application integrates with SAP to provide data that enables better asset control. It allows customers to have real time data on filling pressure, quantity, production and expiry dates, etc. Additionally, it digitalizes maintenance records of cylinders that results in improved cylinder safety, better compliance and superior customer experience.

Footwear disinfection (OxyMat)

POL’s indigenous product is a compact solution for footwear safety through shoe disinfection using medical grade sanitizer. Placed in strategic locations around your house, school, office or other facilities, OxyMat reduces the risk of cross contamination of pathogens such as bacteria & viruses by effectively killing 99.99 % of them. It is a solution that works even without electricity, therefore, making it ideal for shoe disinfection.

Medical Equipment (OxyMed)

Bed-head panel, OT pendants and other medical gases system and equipment Other healthcare products include customized bed head panels and trunking systems, under our brand OXYMED. The main aim of our services to hospitals is to ensure smooth and reliable medical gas supply as precious human lives are at stake, along with enhanced patient pleasant.

Hand Sanitizer (OXYTIZER)

Use the product safely. Keep away from fire or flame. Avoid contact with eyes. Stop use and see a doctor if skin irritation or redness develops. Always read product label and information carefully before use.