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Footwear Disinfection (OxyMat)



POL’s indigenous product is a compact solution for footwear safety through shoe disinfection using medical grade sanitizer. Placed in strategic locations around your house, school, office or other facilities, OxyMat reduces the risk of cross contamination of pathogens such as bacteria & viruses by effectively killing 99.99 % of them. It is a solution that works even without electricity, therefore, making it ideal for shoe disinfection.

Our Plus

• Unique footwear disinfection, using WHO recommended formulation

• Kill 99.99% viruses in 5 seconds

• Simple to use press paddle wipe shoes, walk off

• Extremely useful to avoid spread of COVID-19 via footwear when used at entrance of clubs, offices, restaurants, school, cafe and homes etc.

Field of Use

For hygienic foot disinfection to kill potentially disease-causing bacteria and virus when used properly.

Directions of Use

Press the paddle to spray the solution on mat, wipe shoes to disinfecT and away with clean shoes.

Product Data

Each 100 ml solution contains: Isopropyl alcohol 70%, hydrogen peroxide 3% and glycerol.

Special Advice

Use the product safely. Keep away from fire or flame. Avoid contact with eyes. Stop use and see a doctor if skin irritation or redness develops. Always read product label and information carefully before use.