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Specialty Gases

Uses of Specialty Gases

Pakistan Oxygen Limited caters to the requirements of a wide customer base including the analytical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors with unique properties of specialty gases. These gases are used to enhance product yields, optimize performance and decrease process costs. In addition to specialty gases we provide calibration gas mixtures, ultra-high purity gases and noble gases. Significant uses of these gases include being used in online analyzers, gas chromatography, gas detectors and for NMR spectroscopy. Catering to the full requirement of the industry, Pakistan Oxygen has a world-class specialty gases production facility which can accommodate all customized needs pertaining to individual requirements of customers.

Gas mixture are either mixed continuously on site from pure gases or supplied pre-mixed. Different types of gas mixture are used in the metal fabrication, food, medical and lightning industries

Calibration mixtures are the norm for all measuring equipment and every process and therefore require strict accuracy in mixing ratios and measurements. They are used to correct industrial and research grade analytical equipment and manage process and quality.

Pakistan Oxygen supplies various rare gases used in medical, lighting, laser, processing and LCD/PDP display. This includes products like Helium, Hydrogen, Neon, Nitrogen, Zero Air and many others.

Ultra-high purity gases provide standard data for zero-point corrections in the manufacturing process. They are thus essential in experiments, research, production of semiconductors, petrochemicals and in environmental sector. They are also used as a carrier gas for a variety of analytical equipment and as sealing gases for light bulbs.