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Design & Development

In the design and development of the medical gas pipeline system, our team first consult client needs and requirements, allocate the hospital architecture and departments to be constructed. After receiving MGPS work, our engineers conduct site surveys about what is needed to be done.

They will demonstrate to you the complete procedure and medical gas systems technicality. And provide a complete design layout and isometric drawing of pipework to be done. Recognizing the use and criticality of medical gases in healthcare, our HTM certified trained technical teams coordinates with customers to ensure that all safety and quality standards are complied with, and the best and most reliable solution is provided.

Our design services include the provision of gas outlets, zone service units, and all to be installed equipment in your hospital. They will provide you complete design layout with valve installation, gas outlets, pipe routes, and sizes.

  • Pipe sizing in your facility
  • Pipe routing
  • Valves and gas outlet provision
  • Calculating diversified flows
  • Total flow calculations and plant sizing

  • Hence designing the complete medical gas systems in your healthcare facility.