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OxyMed - Range of Product

OxyMed - Range of Products & Services

OxyMed is a Pakistan’s oxygen new brand for hospitals that features an indigenous product line of bed head panels and gas trunking systems.

A complete unit consists of three sessions and can be installed in general ward, private rooms, ICU etc. Read more...

We provide integrated railing with superior manufacturing; these railings can be used for accessories for equipment management. Two tier model can help you manage more equipment at the patient’s bedside. You can customize number of socket outlets according to your requirement which are compatible with all major international manufacturers.

We offer gas outlets that comply with EU standards.

Digital Manifolds are easy to monitor, they provide visual indication for operating and monitory the medical gas supply. Porters staff can easily understand the system condition, low reserves, medical gas flow, and duty bank running. As per your hospital demand, bank size will be advised by our design engineer. Emergency supply manifolds are also available

Our alarm systems provide secure and trustworthy monitoring. We can provide Local or Central Alarm System as per the needs of your health care facility.

To control the flow of gas and its pressure, our regulators deliver an excellent performance.

Trolleys designed to make medical equipment management easier with superior manufacturing.

Our complete range of medical equipment also contain suction therapy units to provide the care to your customers that they deserve.