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Bedhead Units

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Our product portfolio cover range of MGPS equipment. From the medical gas source plant to end terminal units, we provide complete medical equipment for pipeline system in the hospitals. You will get latest featured and technology advanced medical equipment that are easy to monitor and fits the international standards.

Bedhead Units -

A complete unit consists of three sessions and can be installed in general ward, private rooms, ICU etc.

A complete OxyMed unit consist of three sessions:

  • Distribution of medical gases (medical oxygen, nitrous oxide, Entonox, and medical air
  • Distribution of electricity, alarms reporting, and communication lines
  • Luminous or night lighting

Our bedhead panels can easily be custom made in accordance with hospital requirements of services and anesthetics. Thus our solutions are not just the perfect blend of safety and convenience for the patient but also, a suitable range for hospitals that desire quality, prompt delivery and economical products. Our trained and equipped technical team guarantees complete after sales services across Pakistan.

All the above features ensure that with a simple and robust design, all patient requirements are well taken care of for a comfortable hospital stay.


Key Features

The bedhead units are unique, productive, with aesthetic design.

  • Easily integrated to hospital infrastructure
  • Robust manufacturing
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Compatible with international manufacturer equipment, so they work the way you expect them.
  • Fully modular and reconfigurable
  • Custom built
  • Medical grade case work
  • Integrated rails of superior manufacturing