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Pipeline Installation

Pipeline Installation

Course Description

This course solely focuses on pipeline installation in healthcare facility. It will provide knowledge about pipeline materials and quality, pipes cleaning and jointing, identification of pipeline, color-coding, jointing methods, and complete valves installation in pipeline. Additionally, it will also teach the brazing techniques involved in pipe jointing. It is a specialist training course for personnel involve in MGPS aspects; designing, installation, verification, and validation.

Certification level: 3 weeks

Pipeline Installation-

Learning outcomes

The trained person will:

  • Describe and implement the safe pipeline installation practices.
  • Know about pipes protection requirements, (in various areas like underground pipeline, in walls, voids etc).
  • Know about typical pipeline arrangement in facility.
  • Describe systems and standards related to medical gas pipes.
  • Practically braze and joining of pipes (practically jointing work).
  • Pipe jointing procedures and safety.
  • The requirements for inspection of joints.
  • Mechanical and copper – to- copper jointing methods.
  • Installation of pipeline components (medical supply units, safety valves, line valve assemblies, pressure control equipment, pressure sensors, gauges etc).
  • Know about color-coding of pipes (identification of pipelines).


  • Enhance MGPS experience.
  • Learn brazing techniques on medical gas pipelines.
  • Specialist MGPS personnel course.
  • Learn European and British pipeline installing standards