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Remote Monitoring Solution

Smart Telemetry Solution Digitalizing Real Time Data Capture

At Pakistan Oxygen we are continuously striving to develop innovative products and solutions. Our commitment towards safety, reliability, quality, and competitiveness exceeds market expectations. We strongly believe that digitalization is the key to boost efficiency of systems which promises a seamless experience. We are proud to offer cutting edge Internet of Things (loT) solutions that improve system efficiency, safety profitability, and reliability.

What is Teletel?

  • Teletel is an automated cloud based remote inventory management solution that allows you to distantly manage inventory levels of bulk storage tanks. This industrial loT solution allows you to take control of your assets. It allows you to
  • Manage and monitor critical storage tank data such as inventory level, pressure, temperature, and flow rate. Using sophisticated sensors, data Is wirelessly transmitted to cloud- based application that can be accessed and managed phones applications.
  • Get SMS/email alerts in case of critical situations
  • Monitor and manage distant assets 24/7
  • Customize as per your requirement to fit-in any industry such as Industrial Gas, Liquified Natural Gas, Oil & Gas and others

  • Installation and user manual please click here


    Smart Telemetry Solution Digitalizing Real Time Data Capture

    Smart Telemetry Solution Digitalizing Real Time Data Capture

    With TeleTel Transform Your Business

  • Robust, highly reliable yet cost effective
  • Cloud based for real time monitoring; integratable with ERP
  • Multiple power sources: solar, main & battery
  • Accessible on all devices: computers, mobile & tablets
  • Customizable for multiple industrial uses & all types of measurements
  • Over the Air Programmable (OTAP)
  • Customizable data collection and transmission frequency
  • Smart Telemetry Solution Digitalizing Real Time Data Capture

    Real gains with reliable and robust monitoring

    Enhance site safety

    Critical data alerts prediocally sent to prevent any mishaps

    Reduction in supply

    Optimized scheduling, efficient logistics, no wasted journeys, panic deliveries or part load returns.

    Prevention of dryouts

    Monitor inventory levels and optimize stock holdings.

    Mobile asset monitoring

    Real time data capture anywhere

    Data analysis & predict

    Streamline your supply with advanced technology

    Customer Satisfaction

    Provide seamless customer experience without any interrupted in product supply

    Smart Telemetry Solution Digitalizing Real Time Data Capture

    Technical Specifications

    Dimensions 200 x 150 x 100 mm (L x B x H)
    Ingress Protection Class IP67
    Case ABS
    Sensor Ports 3 x 4-20mA
    3 x RS485
    3 x One Wire
    1 x I2C
    1 x SPI
    Number of Analog Channels 6
    Number of Digital Inputs with Optocoupler 3
    Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz (Mains Operated)
    17.4Vdc (Solar Operated)
    12V LiPo Battery
    Power Modes Active Mode (During Data Transmission)
    Sleep Mode (During Idle State)
    Wireless Network GSM/GPRS
    Communication Bands 900 and 1800MHz
    Polling Intervals 5 Minutes to 24 Hours
    Antenna SMA 2dB
    Hardware Interface JTAG, ISP