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Specialty Medical Gases & Mixtures

Specialty Medical gases & Mixtures

A range of specialty medical gases including helium, liquid nitrogen, medical air, gas mixtures and high purity gases are part of our portfolio. These gases are used in assisting certain medical procedures, for research and diagnostics, culture preservation and testing purposes.


ENTONOX® is a patented pre-mixed pain-relieving gas of 50:50 nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2). The gas is contained in a blue with a white and blue shoulder cylinder and delivered to the patients via inhalation by using a pressure regulator and demand valve.

ENTONOX® is both highly effective and controllable in its effects:

  • Rapid onset and rapid recovery
  • Does not accumulate to any great extent within the body
  • Free from after-effects of the risk of overdose
  • Compatible with all other analgesic or therapeutic drugs
  • Effects are predictable, controllable and reliable
  • For ENTONOX® we offer cylinders in the following sizes:
  • ENTONOX® 5L water capacity 10L water capacity 47L water capacity
    Gas capacity in CUM 1,620 3,240 16,200
    Valve Operation Pin index Pin index Pin index
    Cylinder Pressure full (bar) 137 137 137


    A fast-acting analgesic ; relieve short-term pain conditions of mild to moderate intensity when rapid analgesic onset and offset effects are wanted; such as:

  • Normal labour
  • Acute trauma
  • Dental procedure
  • Painful procedure, eg: wound and burn dressing, wound debridement and suturing
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