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Medical gas supply & equipment for the healthcare industry

We work closely with healthcare professionals to provide clinical leadership in the application of medical gases

With local capability backed by a legacy of technical competence and a strong commitment to quality, reliability and safety, Pakistan Oxygen Limited provides the very best in technical know-how, quality products, professional services and lifesaving dependability. This is why major hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout Pakistan depend on POL for their healthcare needs.

IPOL is the leading supplier of medical gas and equipment solutions to the healthcare sector and has demonstrated more than eighty-five years of dedicated service in the industry. With the most extensive fleet of vehicles consisting of cryogenic tankers and cylinder trucks and the greatest portfolio of storage assets across the country, POL takes care of all your medical gases needs - from production to delivery - so that you can focus on the well-being of your patients.

We have a dedicated team committed to delivering high quality products and services that meet the demands of our customers and the regulatory authorities. We are committed to serving the healthcare industry's needs and strive for the highest standards of product quality, delivery and regulatory compliance.

We offer a complete portfolio of compressed and bulk medical gases for healthcare applications. This includes primarily breathing gases and anesthetics. To meet the requirements of analytical medical research, highly purified gases as well as calibration, carrying, and zero-gases are available in the POL gas portfolio. The gases that we offer include: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, medical air, Heliox, nitrous oxide, ENTONOX® and various medical gas mixtures.

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Medical applications for the healthcare industry

Reduced Work of Breathing (WOB) through Heliox

Heliox is mainly used in conditions of large airway narrowing (upper airway obstruction from tumors or foreign bodies and vocal cord dysfunction). Heliox-assisted therapy is in the areas of controlled MV (CMV) and synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV) modes of ventilation.

Relief in painful procedures through Entonox®

ENTONOX® is delivered to the patients easily via inhalation which is non-invasive, patient-controlled, safe and on-demand basis. It can be administered via face mask or mouthpiece attached to a demand valve system. It is designed for self-administration by the patient under medical supervision. Entonox is used safely in combination with other opiates or other analgesics.

Demand valve: enables self-regulated pain relief

The basis of the inhalation unit is the demand valve. The benefits of the demand valve are:-

  • easy to use
  • Deliver the gas mixture to the patient at approximate atmosphere pressure.
  • Ensure the gas will not flow when the cylinder is turned on unless a negative pressure is produced via face mask or mouthpiece and tubing.
  • Prevent expired breath from entering the handset.
  • The amount of gas released is determined by the demand of the patient.
  • Ensure the patient will not receive an overdose of a gas because the face mask or mouthpiece will drop off when patient becomes drowsy.
  • Stimulation of nerve centers, blood analysis, and insufflation through medical Carbon dioxide

    In healthcare, up to 5% carbon dioxide is added to oxygen for stimulation of breathing after apnea and to stabilize the O2/CO2 balance in blood.

    Carbon dioxide can be mixed with upto 50% oxygen, forming an inhalable gas; this is known as Carbogen and has a variety of medical and research uses.

    In laparoscopic surgery, surgery is performed through small incisions using long instruments and video cameras. To create a working and viewing space in the abdomen, carbon dioxide (CO2) is insufflated to separate the abdominal wall from internal organs.

    Critical respiratory support in various respiratory therapies through Medical Airy

    Mechanical Ventilation

    Used as a carrier gas to supply respirators in respiratory assistance in anaesthesia, resuscitation, ventilation


    treatments where medical air may be used as a gas vector for the inhaled drugs when oxygen supplementation is not required

    Driving of surgical tools, Cryobiology and Dermatology through medical Nitrogen

    Nitrogen is used to drive medical tools and equipment as a pneumatic source. Liquid nitrogen is used in cryo-preservation of blood, sperm, embryos, bone marrow and other biological samples without compromising their intrinsic qualities. In Dermatology, nitrogen is used for cryosurgery and cryotherapy, enabling the treatment of cutaneous micro-trauma.

    Numerous ways in which medical oxygen is used in medical applications are

  • Cyanosis of recent origin as a result of cardio-pulmonary disease
  • Surgical trauma, chest wounds and rib fracture
  • Shock, severe hemorrhage and coronary occlusion
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Hyperpyrexia
  • Major trauma, i.e. road traffic accidents and gunshot wounds
  • In the management of sudden cardiac and respiratory arrest, whether drug induced or traumatic
  • In the resuscitation of the critically ill, when the circulation is impaired
  • In neo-natal resuscitation.
  • Medical services and solutions for the healthcare industry

    Analytical Services

    We offer you a comprehensive analytical testing service program. Our experienced team of professionals is available to answer your questions through our 24-hour emergency response system, which includes on-call chemists.

    Cryogen & MRI Services

    Available 24/7, our MRI helium and transfilling service is a reliable and cost effective solution. We can meet your requirements throughout the U.S.

    Healthcare Facility Optimization & Management

    We want to provide you with solutions that promote a safer work and clinical environment, and improve patient care. To do that, we offer a custom 95-point on-site survey to help you stay on top of changing medical standards, monitor and control employee chemical exposure and indoor air quality, and maintain your new and old medical gas systems.

    Maintenance Program for Medical Piping Systems

    We offer a comprehensive program for medical gas pipeline systems in your facility that includes periodic testing, preventive maintenance, repairs, certification, utility system audits, decontamination services, engineering services, education and training.

    Turnkey Solutions for Medical Gas Piping Systems

    Our turnkey installations help ensure code compliance with OSHA, The Joint Commission, NFPA, ASME, DHHS, MGPHO, ASHE, ASPE, AWS and state and local codes. Our turnkey solutions include designing upgrades or project expansions, installation and construction, shutdown management and brazing certification.

    We help you optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of medical gas services that help you manage your gas supply and equipment so you can focus on your patients.

    Featured products and innovations for the healthcare industry

    Grab 'n Go Respiratory Systems

    QxySmart Plus®

    A solution for medical oxygen cylinders with cylinder tracking system. integrated valves and regulators with flowmeters.

    Medipure Alert N2O


    Light weight medical Cylinders with integrated pressure regulators

    High Flow Therapy Delivery


    A solution for medical oxygen cylinders with a cylinder tracking system using TractAbout for sate, reliable and timely delivery of gas.