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Argon (Ar)

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This chemically inert gas is colorless and odorless in both its liquid and its gaseous states. It is widely used as a shielding gas for arc welding and as an ambient gas in steel refining procedures. It is also used for filling mixtures for incandescent (filament) lamps and phosphorescent tubes, increasing thermal insulation of multi pane windows and for manufacturing semiconductor chips. It also serves as a shielding gas in a number of welding processes.

We offer compressed and liquid argon in a variety of purities. Please see the chart below for more information.

Product Name Concentration Material Safety Data Sheets Spec Sheet
Compressed Argon Gas (Ar) >99.999%

Argon Gas Spec Sheet (304 KB)

Refrigerated Liquid Argon >99.999%
Argon Gas Helium Mixture 1 ppm – 99.9%
Argon Gas Hydrogen Mixture 1 ppm – 99.9%

Argon Gas Nitrogen Mixture 1 ppm – 99.9%

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Uses of Argon Gas and Liquid Argon by Industry


Used for welding special alloys and in the heat-treating processes.


Commonly used for welding of auto parts, frames and silencers.

Metal Production

Used for refining stainless steel via argon-oxygen decarburizing (AOD). It is also used in steel industry to prevent oxidization in molten metals.

Welding and Metal Fabrication

Mixed with other gases, argon can be used in welding processes as shielding gas.


Cylinders & Liquid Containers

For small to medium volumetric requirements we offer argon in high pressure cylinders and liquid argon containers.

Bulk & Micro bulk Delivery

For medium to large volumetric requirements we offer liquid argon in vacuum insulated cryogenic containers.


For very large volumes of argon we offer pipeline-based supply option to the consumers.

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