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MGPS Installation

MGPS Installation

Course Description

This course is ideal for technicians and engineers who are involve in medical gas pipeline systems installation. It aims to provide guidelines and knowledge to install MGPS supply sources, VIE plant, air and vacuum systems, manifold systems for medical gases. It covers installation techniques including supply equipment, terminal units, and overview of medical gas systems.

Certification level:1 month

MGPS Installation-

Learning outcomes

The trained person will:

  • Obtain and understand instructions of MGPS installation as per HTM & NFPA standards.
  • Know about components, systems, and working of medical air plant, vacuum plant, VIE systems, manifolds.
  • Can successfully install or modify the existing medical gas systems.
  • Know about monitory and Alarm requirements for each supply systems.
  • Know about signals and display for central alarm panels of supply systems
  • Choose supply systems as per hospital facility demand.
  • Install all medical gas systems in a health care facility.
  • Have comprehensive knowledge regarding pipeline installation.