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Vacuum Insulated Evaporator

Vacuum Insulated Evaporator

We offer multiple source plants as part of our medical plants and equipment portfolio.

Vacuum Insulated Evaporator-

Medical Oxygen, with higher consumption rate in hospitals need larger supply plant. To store large volume of medical oxygen, we install large storage vessels which can supply oxygen to hospital for 10 days minimum. The VIE vessel will be installed at your facility with safety, these vessels have double wall tankers, and made as per highest quality & safety standards, and store liquid oxygen at cryogenic temperature.

At design stage, the expert will guide the needed VIE size, depending on your consumption, two or more vessels can be installed at your facility while following all safety requirements. The vessels are equipped with quality safety valves & associated equipment as per standard requirements.

VIE vessel with related equipment, Vaporizers and associated parts is provided by Pakistan Oxygen Limited.

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