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Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

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A colorless gas with a subtle sharp scent and a bitter taste. It is used in the beverages industry for carbonation. Among its wide other uses, the gas is also used to blanket chemicals, for fire extinguishing, as a neutralizing agent for pH control in water treatment, as an inert gas agent for welding processes.

We offer compressed and liquid carbon dioxide in a variety of purities. Please see the chart below for more information.

Product Name Concentration Material Safety Data Sheet Spec Sheet
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) >99.9%

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Safety Data Sheet

Carbon Dioxide Gas Spec Sheet

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Air Mixture 0.5 ppm – 50%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Argon Mixture 0.5 ppm – 50%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Helium Mixture 0.5 ppm – 50%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Hydrogen Mixture 0.5 ppm – 50%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Nitrogen Mixture 0.5 ppm – 50%

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Medical Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Medical Carbon dioxide serves in the treatment of certain skin affections. It is also used for blood analysis, insufflation of abdominal cavities and in certain treatments. Owing to its stimulating effect on the nerve centers, carbon dioxide is employed in medicine in mixture with oxygen, Read More


• Increase depth of anesthesia

• Facilitate blind intubation in anesthetic

• Facilitate vasodilation during hypothermia

• Increase cerebral blood flow during surgery

• Stimulate respiration during apnoea

• Prevent hypocapnia during hyperventilation

• For clinical and physiological investigations

• Insufflation into fallopian tubes and abdominal cavities

• As solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) in tissues freezing techniques and removal of warts.

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Food & Beverage

Carbon dioxide is used widely in this segment. It helps in protecting taste and texture of food products and as an essential ingredient in carbonation of beverages.

Oil & Gas

CO2 can be used for oil recovery process along with fracturing in conventional reservoirs

Water & Wastewater Treatment

In many chemical applications, carbon dioxide can be used as a neutralizing agent for pH control, such as in curing water treatment along with other processes.

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Carbon dioxide is the most commonly used gas in basic welding processes as it provides reasonable shielding to molten metal from the atmospheric contamination.


Cylinders & Liquid Containers

For small to medium volumetric requirements we offer carbon dioxide in high pressure cylinders and liquid carbon dioxide containers.

Bulk & Micro bulk Delivery

For medium to large volumetric requirements we offer liquid carbon dioxide in vacuum insulated cryogenic containers.

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