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Healthcare Overview


We work closely with healthcare professionals to provide clinical leadership in the application of medical gases

With local capability backed by a legacy of technical competence and a strong commitment to quality, reliability and safety, Pakistan Oxygen Limited provides the very best in technical know-how, quality products, professional services and lifesaving dependability. This is why major hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout Pakistan depend on POL for their healthcare needs.

POL is the leading supplier of medical gas and equipment solutions to the healthcare sector and has demonstrated more than eighty-five years of dedicated service in the industry. With the most extensive fleet of vehicles consisting of cryogenic tankers and cylinder trucks and the greatest portfolio of storage assets across the country, POL takes care of all your medical gases needs - from production to delivery - so that you can focus on the well-being of your patients.

We have a dedicated team committed to delivering high quality products and services that meet the demands of our customers and the regulatory authorities. We are committed to serving the healthcare industry's needs and strive for the highest standards of product quality, delivery and regulatory compliance.

We offer a complete portfolio of compressed and bulk medical gases for healthcare applications. This includes primarily breathing gases and anesthetics. To meet the requirements of analytical medical research, highly purified gases as well as calibration, carrying, and zero-gases are available in the POL gas portfolio.The gases that we offer include: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, medical air, Heliox, nitrous oxide, ENTONOX® and various medical gas mixtures.

Medical Gases

Pakistan Oxygen is the most trusted partner at hospitals across the country. A leading supplier of medical gases & associated equipment with more than 80 years of dedicated service. We offer a complete portfolio of compressed and bulk medical gases for healthcare applications. Product groups that we offer in the healthcare segment include primarily breathing gases and anesthetics.

Supply Solutions

Medical gases are the most critical and essential part of hospitals. And healthcare facilities need continuous high-quality supplier. We are pioneer in manufacturing and supplying medical gases with years of experience, and understand our customers concerns for adequate, quality of supply.

Medical Engineering Solution

Pakistan Oxygen Ltd. provide complete medical gas systems & solution to healthcare facilities. With the supply of all range of medical gases, also provide consultation, design, and installation service of medical gas pipeline systems (MGPS). Our expert team of professional engineers who are also HTM certified will build quality of pipeline system in your facility.

Training & Education

Medical gases are important part of each healthcare facility and personnel at all level must be trained of their safe use, potential hazards, precautions, and administration With proper gas therapy & medical gas equipment training. It will not only save the precious life of patients but increase the life of equipment as well.