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Our People


Areej Rafique
Areej Rafique
Product Marketing Manager

The incredible learning opportunities and exposure to innovative practices is what makes this organization ‘the ONE’ that has it all! Working here with exceptionally talented and learned people in a constructive and respectful work culture is an immense value addition to my professional experience. I am happy to be associated with this organization.

Rahim Uddin Usmani
Rahim Uddin Usmani
Business Analyst

Working at POL has given me several opportunities to utilize my technical skills and subsequently to lead projects developing my management skills. It is a valuable learning opportunity coupled with a supportive and positive work environment. Our company believes in Human Development with a focus on employee safety, health, learning and growth.

Haraldur thorleifsson
Shayan Amin Ahmed
Welding Specialist

Coming from a very small-scale company to Pakistan Oxygen was a great challenge for me but POL laid all my concerns to rest. We have a very corporate and disciplined yet welcoming work environment. I got the opportunity to work with and learn from talented professionals. We have an extremely safety oriented culture with weekly safety talks reinforcing core principles and providing a wonderful platform for everyone to contribute and be heard. I enjoy the exciting opportunities this company has to offer and numerous unwinding activities that we engage in such as beach plans and barbecues etc.

Haraldur thorleifsson
Anwar ul Haq
Plant Manager & QG Operations

I have been associated with Pakistan oxygen Limited for 10 years now. I joined the Company as Management Trainee and the journey has been full of professional and personal growth, opportunities and learnings. I am proud to be part of such an incredible team who is passionate about their work. Every day we work in the atmosphere of mutual respect & support and help each other to achieve our Company’s goals.

Haraldur thorleifsson
Faizan Hanif
Finance Officer Accounting & Reporting

Experience so far at POL has been exceptional.A great opportunity to learn and develop oneself in an organization with standards that of a multinational, be it professionalism or SHEQ standards. It has been a great 1.5 year at POL so far where I have been given an opportunity to attain practical exposure of what we study in our financial books. With an open-door policy for all, it feels like family at POL.

Haraldur thorleifsson
Babar Qazilbash
Business Development Manager

For me working at Pakistan Oxygen has been nothing short of “AMAZING”! First BOC then Linde and now POL is a unique place indeed. A small company with such a huge & meaningful impact on the lives of many people and for me to be able to play my part in it, it’s just amazing. As a salesperson I met customers who have been with us for more than five decades! It’s like you become a part of their organization and they a part of yours. Internally, our people are truly like a family. Working at POL is like wearing so many different hats all at the same time. You are the captain of your own ship. One minute I am exploring the market, and the next I am designing the product, while helping the Deliver team on figuring out how best to reach the farthest hospitals in the country. Knowing that somewhere far out there – a small child, or an old man or some other sick person is surviving on the Oxygen that WE provided. This sense of satisfaction is priceless!