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Medical Vacuum Plant

Medical Vacuum Plant

We offer multiple source plants as part of our medical plants and equipment portfolio.

Medical Vacuum Plant -

Range of different size vacuum plants with high reliability, fitting both HTM and NFPA standards is provided by us. With collaboration with international suppliers, we bring high quality Vacuum and air plant.

Vacuum plant systems work independently and generate required vacuum flow. The systems comprise of different types of vacuum pumps, air-coolers, quality filters, and easy controller & monitoring indicators. Digital graphical monitoring display makes it easy for appointed staff to monitor the plant working. Availability of backup supply ensure continuous vacuum flow with no interruptions like any component failure.

Call us at +923069185744 and get your desired vacuum plant of various types and sizes & complete guide for suitable Vacuum Plant for your facility.


  • Quality direct vacuum free from containments
  • Highly reliable
  • Bacteria & oil filters
  • Provide easy installation
  • Highly reliable, long equipment life
  • Graphic display indicators