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A colorless gas that is present in the air which supports life. Oxygen is an ideal enhancing gas with high oxidation characteristics which increases combustion efficiency and temperatures, and increases the process capability of the cutting, welding, molding and refinement of final goods.

We offer compressed and liquid oxygen in a variety of purities. Please see the chart below for more information.

Product Name Concentration Material Safety Data Sheets Spec Sheet
Compressed Oxygen (O2) Gas High Purity > 99.6%
Low Purity > 99.5%

Oxygen Gas Safety Data Sheet

Oxygen Gas Spec Sheet

Refrigerated Liquid Oxygen (O2) > 99.5%
Oxygen Gas Argon Mixture 0.5 ppm – 99.9%
Oxygen Gas Helium Mixture 0.5 ppm – 99.9%
Oxygen Gas Nitrogen Mixture 0.5 ppm – 99.9%

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Uses and Applications of Oxygen Gas and Liquid Oxygen by Industry


For many years oxygen is being used in aircraft industry. We provide oxygen to aircraft industry for manufacturing, maintenance and other areas including its use as fuel.


Oxygen is widely used in automotive industries in conjunction with acetylene and other fuel gases for cutting and welding of metals.


Oxygen is selectively used for enhanced oxidation reactions in the chemical industry instead of air. The benefits include higher yield and reaction rates.


Oxygen is widely in this segment to improve productivity of boilers, heaters, fermenters and gasification processes.


Oxygen is an ideal enrichment gas that increases the efficiency of combustion processes in glass industry. Therefore, it is widely used to enhance process value chain along with making of tableware or glass ampules for pharmaceutical sector etc.

Metal Production

Oxygen is an ideal enrichment gas that increases the efficiency of combustion processes in steel industry (ferrous and non-ferrous) by replacing or enhancing air.


Oxygen is in sealing of glass ampules for finished product in the pharmaceutical sector.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Oxygen is used to generate ozone so that it can be used for disinfecting water. Oxygen is also used in reducing VOC, odor and foam.

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Oxygen is often used in this segment for cutting and joining of metals.

Liquid Oxygen & Oxygen Gas (O2) Supply: Tanks, Cylinders, Containers & Dewars

Cylinders & Liquid Containers

For small to medium volumetric requirements we offer oxygen in high pressure cylinders and liquid oxygen containers.

Bulk & Micro bulk Delivery

For medium to large volumetric requirements we offer liquid oxygen in vacuum insulated cryogenic containers.


For very large volumes of oxygen we offer pipeline-based supply option to the consumers.

On-Site Production

For very large volumes of oxygen we offer on-site based supply option to the consumers.

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