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Welding Short Course

Welding Short Course

Course Description

This course will develop understanding related to welding fundamentals, types of joints and positions, different types of welding process, and their associated equipment and working. The participant will itself be able to weld various metals like steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. using MIG, TIG, and stick welding techniques. Practical hands on skills will be given regarding Gas (Oxy acetylene) Welding and Arc welding.

After completing this course, trainee will be able to fabricate and repair various metals and get practical knowledge and skill competencies in gas and arc welding.

Certification level: 4 weeks

Welding Short Course-


Learning outcomes

The trained person will:

  • Be able to use metal working tools, measuring & marking of metals, and prepare bench work exercises.
  • Explain gas welding, functions, and usage of their equipment.
  • Explain arc welding & various arc welding process, their equipment functions and usage.
  • Perform gas and arc welding in suitable welding positions and weld joints as per standard positions of EN ISO694.
  • Inspect and test the welded joints, understand, and avoid welding defects.
  • Follow safety procedures in welding practices.
  • Understand arc welding terminologies and variables like polarity, duty cycle, inductance, power source voltage and amperage etc.
  • Various shielding gases involve in welding processes.
  • Safety using gas cylinder involve in welding.
  • Choose suitable electrodes.
  • Perform gas cutting, understand cutting torches types and working.

Audience / Entry Candidates

  • Middle pass.
  • Welding equipment salesperson.
  • Industry entry level persons.