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Dissolved Acetylene C2H2


Acetylene is manufactured commercially by reaction between calcium carbide and water. At atmospheric temperatures and pressures, it is a colorless gas. In pure form, it smells like ether, but the commercial grade has a garlic-like odor. It is also highly flammable in nature.

We offer compressed and liquid acetylene in a variety of purities. Please see the chart below for more information.

Product Name Concentration Material Safety Data Sheets Spec Sheet
Acetylene Gas 98%

Acetylene Gas Safety Data Sheet

Dissolved Acetylene Spec Sheet

Acetylene, AA Grade for Atomic Absorption 98.5%

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Uses & Applications of Acetylene Gas by Industry


Acetylene is used for creating a water resistant surface layer via low pressure carburizing.

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Acetylene is most commonly used in combination with oxygen for cutting or welding materials such as mild steel, where the standard industrial grade is sufficient. Acetylene with low phosphine levels is required for lead brazing or welding.

Acetylene Gas (C2H2) Supply: Tanks, Cylinders, Clusters, Packs & Trailers


Acetylene can be supplied in various capacity cylinders.

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