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Nitrogen (N2)


Nitrogen is produced in large quantities at air separation plants which liquefy and subsequently distill air into nitrogen, oxygen and argon. If very high purity nitrogen is required the nitrogen produced may need to go through a secondary purification process. The lower range of Nitrogen purities can also be produced with membrane techniques, and medium to high purities with pressure swing adsorption (PSA) techniques.

Nitrogen is used for inerting finished medicinal products sensitive to degradation by Oxygen. Compressed Nitrogen is a preferred source for driving of surgical tools.

Cryogenic liquid nitrogen has a boiling point of -196° C Liquefied nitrogen is primarily used in the healthcare for:

  • As a cryogen for many applications where very low temperatures or rapid temperature reduction is required
  • As an inert gas for the storage of medicinal products that are susceptible to oxidation in the presence of air
  • As a purging and inerting gas by the pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of medicinal products
  • In cryopreservation of medical or research samples such as blood, stem cells and plasma
  • As a component in many gas medical mixtures such as lung function test gases
  • In routine equipment maintenance of the cooling magnets in MRI’s and NMR’s
  • Nitrogen is an odorless inert gas that is present in the air and necessary to balance the composition of air that we breathe. It is widely used in chemicals and pharmaceuticals processes, pigging and purging of pipelines, well stimulation, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), injection and pressure testing, and as a packaging gas due to its inert nature. It is also used in packaged food stuff to preserve quality and enhance shelf-life.

    We offer compressed and liquid nitrogen in a variety of purities. Please see the chart below for more information.

    Product Name Concentration Material Safety Data Sheets Spec Sheet
    Compressed Nitrogen Gas (N2) High Purity > 99.99%
    Low Purity > 99.999%

    Nitrogen Gas Safety Data Sheet

    Compressed Nitrogen Gas Spec Sheet

    Refrigerated Liquid Nitrogen (N2) > 99.999%
    Nitrogen Gas Argon Mixture 1 ppm – 99.99%
    Nitrogen Gas Helium Mixture 1 ppm – 99.99%
    Nitrogen Gas Hydrogen Mixture 1 ppm – 99.99%
    Nitrogen Gas Oxygen Mixture 1 ppm – 99.99%

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    Uses and Applications of Nitrogen Gas and Liquid Nitrogen by Industry

    Nitrogen is supplied in the following specification under the Eur. Phar:

    Monograph Ph Eur
    Name Nitrogen
    Chemical FormulaN2
    Definition Nitrogen contains not less than 99.5% V/V of N2.
    Identification Retention time of peak with Gas Chromatography or Place a glowing splinter of wood in the substance to be examined. The splinter is extinguished. or Test with magnesium turnings
    Assay> 99.5% V/V N2
    Analytical MethodGas Chromatography
    Limit< 5 ppm V/V
    Analytical MethodInfrared Analyser
    Limit< 300 ppm V/V
    Analytical MethodInfrared Analyser
    Limit< 50 ppm V/V
    Analytical MethodOxygen Analyser with electrochemical cell
    Limit< 67 ppm V/V
    Analytical MethodNot specified
    Limit< 5 ppm V/V
    Analytical MethodDetector Tube
    Limit< 300 ppm V/V
    Analytical MethodDetector Tube
    Limit< 1 ppm V/V
    Analytical MethodDetector Tube
    Limit< 67 ppm V/V3
    Analytical MethodDetector Tube


    Mostly used in the tyres to reduce the possibility of a blow-out along with reduced wear & tear during landing, take-off etc.


    Used in welding applications along with its use in the airbags.


    Frequently used in the chemicals industry to transfer flammable chemicals, purging of line and blanketing of oxygen-sensitive products and materials.


    Frequently used as blanketing or purging agent to pervert contamination in piping. Nitrogen can also provide protection for products to prevent contamination from air.

    Food & Beverage

    In liquid form nitrogen can cryogenically freeze or chill a variety of food items, from poultry to fish and from fruits to vegetable. Nitrogen based Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) has high demand and POL can offer complete solution for its customers. Nitrogen is also used to provide strength to the retail packaging and thus reduces overall costs.

    Metal Production

    Nitrogen perverts oxidation during steel making process by acting as carrier and purge gas. Nitrogen can be mixed with hydrogen or natural gas to provide oxygen free atmosphere for the heat treatment of various metals.

    Oil and Gas

    Nitrogen plays a huge part in the enhancement of oil & gas production. It does this via pressure maintenance, miscible displacement, immiscible displacement, gas assisted gravity drainage (GAGD), and mixed gas which improves reservoir reserves. Nitrogen can also be used in fracturing and improved operating efficiencies.


    Nitrogen is frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry for purging of lines, mixture transfer via pressure and protection against moisture, oxidation or contamination of the various materials.


    Nitrogen is used for blanketing of storage tanks, purging of pipelines, to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from processes to reduce emissions.

    Welding and Metal Fabrication

    Used as purge gas, in plasma and laser based cutting applications.

    Liquid Nitrogen & Nitrogen Gas (N2) Supply: Tanks, Dewar Flasks, Containers & Cylinders

    For Nitrogen we offer cylinders in the following sizes:

    Nitrogen 5L water capacity 10L water capacity 47L water capacity
    Gas capacity in CUM 0.65



    Valve Operation Pin index

    Side and top outlet

    Side and top outlet

    Cylinder Pressure full (bar) 137 137


    Cylinders & Liquid Containers

    For small to medium volumetric requirements we offer nitrogen in high pressure cylinders and liquid nitrogen containers.

    Bulk & Micro bulk Delivery

    For medium to large volumetric requirements we offer liquid nitrogen in vacuum insulated cryogenic containers.


    For very large volumes of nitrogen we offer pipeline-based supply option to the consumers.

    On-Site Production

    For very large volumes of nitrogen we offer on-site based supply option to the consumers.

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