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With more than 70 years’ heritage in the medical gases and equipment market, our understanding of our customers’ requirements is unequalled. This has allowed us to develop complete solutions, supplying high-quality industrial equipment and safety products across the world.

We are a pioneer in delivering Medical Gases, including Liquid Medical Oxygen, Compressed Medical Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and Medical Engineering & Pipeline Services to hospitals and healthcare institutions in Pakistan. As a reliable healthcare partner, we take care of all the Medical gases needs from Production to delivery, so that healthcare professionals could focus on well-being of patients.

We have also extended our support to Laboratories, Medical Research and other Clinical Healthcare Institutions with our complete Specialty Gases / Mixtures product range. Our Healthcare portfolio also includes Specialty Gases of high purity, Di/Tri-Gas Mixtures, Refrigerants, Liquid Helium for MRI and Medical gas apparatus & accessories.

Di/Tri-Gas Mixtures could be delivered with customized and wide range of gas mixing ratios of O2, N2, CO2, N2O, H2, He and other high purity gases.

This gases/mixture covers wide range of Clinical Healthcare applications including:

  • Gas mixtures for calibration of clinical blood gas analyzers
  • Cyclotron Gases for PET CT
  • Lung diffusion mixtures for pulmonary function testing and calibration
  • Liquid nitrogen for clinical sample cryopreservation
  • Liquid helium for MRI scanners

Our Medical gas solutions are tailor-made to suit your large consumption needs. Feel free to contact our Customer Service Centre (, for more details.