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Medical Engineering Services & Production

With our aim to deliver complete medical gas system & solutions, we can design and develop the complete pipeline system for medical gases in your healthcare facility. With our expert team of engineers who are HTM & NFPA certified can design the complete medical gas layout and structure in your facility.

The consultant will proper guide about the plant source size suitable as per your hospital demand and consumption pattern of medical gases. Suitable plant source will be installed with complete associated equipment. We are also involve in pipeline installation services; medical gas complete distribution pipes will be installed throughout your hospital infrastructure.

We can install pipeline distribution system, plant supply sources for following medical gases and vacuum:

  • Medical Oxygen
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Medical Air
  • Surgical Air
  • Medical Vacuum
  • Anesthetic gas scavenging system
  • Other gases and mixtures; CO2, He/O2, N2O/O2 etc.
  • In design and development of medical gas pipeline system our team first consult client needs and requirement, allocate the hospital architecture and departments to be constructed Read more...

    A project team of engineers with years of experience in MGPS service ensure high standard installation work. Understanding each customer segment, our engineer team can install each medical gas supply unit Read more...

    Any error in MGPS component can result in shut down area of your facility and stops the medical gas supply. Our maintenance service helps in finding most fast, reliable, and economical Read more...

    The medical gas plant room require trained porters and technicians to monitor and operate the installed medical gas system. They are trained for emergency actions, reporting alarm and system indication Read more...

    Medical gases are important part of each healthcare facility and personnel at all level must be trained of their safe use, Read more...