Digitalization | Pakistan Oxygen Limited


Digitalization Overview


At Pakistan Oxygen we are continuously striving to develop innovative products and solutions. We strongly believe that digitalization is the key to boost efficiency of systems which promises a seamless experience. We are proud to offer cutting edge Internet of Things (loT) solutions that improves system efficiency, safety, profitability, and reliability.

Assets Tracking System

A world-class and unique smart-phone supported application to track, manage and maintain gas cylinders. The application integrates with SAP to provide data that enables better asset control. It allows customers to have real time data on filling pressure, quantity, production and expiry dates, etc. Additionally, it digitalizes maintenance records of cylinders that results in improved cylinder safety, better compliance and superior customer experience

Remote Monitoring Solution

A sensor-based telemetry device installed at customer sites that offers real-time stock monitoring of Bulk gas tanks. The application ensures proper supply scheduling and delivery of product which customers can also monitor by logging into a customized portal.

Our teams can develop tailor-made solutions for your requirements. Please reach out to us for further evaluation of your requirements.