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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is used in surgery and dentistry as an anaesthetic and analgesic agent. It is used:

  • In the relief of severe pain, usually in emergency situations, by inhalation with 50% oxygen
  • In short-term procedures which inevitably involve pain, such as wound and burn dressing, wound debridement, and suturing
  • In dental work to provide short-term analgesia for tooth extraction and other brief procedures, administered with 50% oxygen
  • Occasionally as an insufflating agent in laparoscopy
  • In cryosurgery as a refrigerant
  • Nitrous Oxide-

    Specifications Standards European Pharmacopeia 1999 Pakistan Oxygen Standard
    N20 purity 98.0% (min) 98.0% (min)
    Moisture < 67 vpm < 120 vpm
    Carbon dioxide < 300 vpm < 300 vpm
    Carbon monoxide < 5 vpm < 10 vpm
    Nitric Oxide < 2 vpm < 2 vpm

    Technical Data Sheet-