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Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Wire

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MIG welding is an arc welding process used for joining Aluminum with metals. A continuous, consumable MIG wire and shielding gas are fed with a welding gun for joining two base materials. This type of welding is mainly used for joining sheet metal and thus heavily used in the automobile industry. The right type of welding machine must be used to fuse two types of materials together to get the required result. POL has a variety of MIG welding machines.

Saffire™ MIG Welding Wire-


Saffire Mild Steel Mig Wire ER 70S-6 is high quality copper coated metal inert gas (MIG) wire suitable for the all positional welding of mild and low alloy steels used in general fabrication, sheet metal and automotive repair. The high quality copper coated ensures problem free feeding, smooth current pick-up and minimal contact tip wear.


Typical Mechanical Properties of Deposited Metal

Tensile strength (MPa) Yield strength (MPa) Elongation (%) Charpy V-Notch (J)
> 480 > 400 >22 >27 (-29oC)
Shielding gas Flow rate Approvals
100% CO Argoshield 15-24 L/min ABS, KR, CE, TUV

Recommended Operating Parameters

Wire size (mm) Voltage range (Volts) Current range (amps)
0.8 18-24 50-150
0.9 18-25 60-180
1.2 19-24 (short arc)
25-35 (long arc)
90-150 (short arc)
160-350 (long arc)

Recommended Operating Parameters

0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2 mm in 15kg precision layer wound plastic spool