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Hydrogen controlled electrodes are used to prevent hydrogen cracking, reduce spatter and to provide a smooth and stable arc. They can improve the operations performance and quality of weld. E7018 provides excellent deposition rates and penetration, which can help welding operators add more weld metal into the joint each time and avoid weld defects. These electrodes can offer huge advantages due to the presence of elements like iron power, manganese and silicon and the ability to perfectly weld through some dirt, debris and mill scale. It can operate with a constant current (CC) power source which provides either alternating current (AC) or direct current electrode positive (DCEP). Using AC current, iron power and additional arc stabilizers helps E7018 in maintaining a stable arc welding.

Fortrex 7018TM-


Fortrex 7018 is a basic-coated hydrogen controlled electrode designed for all-positional (except vertical-down) welding of carbon, alloy and strong tensile strength steels, and of mild steels under conditions of high restraint. It has high arc force, good penetration and easy slag detachability resulting in supreme quality welding joints even on rusty plates and uneven surfaces. It is especially suited for intermittent & continuous welding of steel sheets and small work pieces, cosmetic welding, car, truck, super structure of ships, tanks, piping work and welding restrained structures where high welding stress is involved. It has premium welding properties and deposits a high quality weld metal.


Current range
Size (mm) 2.5 x 305 3.25 x 400 4.0 x 400 5.0 x 400
Current (amps) 75-90 90-130 120-180 160-220

Mechanical properties of deposited metal (AW)

Tensile strength (N/mm2) Yield strength (N/mm2) minimum Elongation (%) Charpy V impact values at -20 C minimum
510-640 410 22 162 (Joules)
Type of Current Type of covering Classification Approvals
AC, DCEP or DCEN Basic-coated, Hydrogen controlled AWS A/SFA 5.1-91 E7018;
EN 499 E 42 3 B 32 H5;
EN ISO 2560-A E 42 3 B 32 H5