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E6013 Electrodes

E6013 electrodes are used for low arc penetration and flat smooth weld. These characteristics help electrodes to weld sheet metal. Due to smoother arc, minimum spatter and more uniform weld bead surface they can thin sheet metal such as galvanized sheet, automobile bodies, metal furniture, window frames, fences, storage tank, farm equipment and iron grills. Using lower open-circuit AC voltage when using small diameter electrode to weld thin sheet metal provides excellent operating characteristics.

Zodian UniversalTM E6013-


Zodian Universal E6013 is a rutile-coated, general-purpose, mild steel/carbon steel, welding electrode. It has high arc force, good penetration and easy slag detachability resulting in quality welding joints even on rusty plates and uneven surfaces. It is suitable for all-positional welding and is particularly suited for downward, horizontal and vertical conditions. It is widely used in ordinary tensile strength mild steel structures and is especially suited for intermittent welding of steel sheets and small work pieces, cosmetic welding and piping work, steel frames, super structure of ships and all other types of fabrication – light, medium and heavy. It is also used by the construction and r efining industry.


Current range
Size (mm) 2.5 x 305 3.25 x 350 4.0 x 350 5.0 x 350
Current (amps) 75-90 90-120 130-190 180-230

Mechanical properties of deposited metal (AW)

Tensile strength (N/mm2) Yield strength (N/mm2) minimum Elongation (%) minimum Charpy V impact values at 00C minimum
470-600 380 24 47 (Joules)
Type of Current Type of covering Classification Approvals
AC, DCEP or DCEN Rutile-cellulosic electrode AWS A/SFA 5.1-91 E6013;
EN 499 E 38 0 RC 11;
EN ISO 2560-A E 38 0 RC 11

Matador 47TM E6013-

POL 113TM E6013-