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Cutting and Grinding Discs

HardGoods Cutting and Grinding Discs

To cut through metal, cutting discs can be a huge help. For cutting steel, aluminium and other metal alloys, cutting disc are best option for you. Some disc cut faster than others, made from fiberglass reinforcement net, organic resins and abrasive material, formed under heat and pressure. Cut rate and consumable life depends on the components used in the manufacturing of the disc. For toughness and excellent performance zirconia grain and aluminium oxide are most common for steel cutting. Over cutting dics are of ultra high speed and supiror durabilaty.

By rotating abrasive wheel in grinding the material is removed. Grinding is also known as machining process (process of removing metal). To grind means ‘to abrade’, to wear away by ‘friction’ or ‘to sharpen’. The action of a milling cutter is similar to that of a grinding wheel. Varying in size from 0.4 to 0.8 mm.

Our cutting discs have superior durability, ultrahigh cutting speed, excellent sharpness and high break resistance. They available in super thin and regular sizes to cut Stainless Steel, Cast iron, Aluminum Read more...

Our grinding discs are durable and support high speed cutting with excellent abrasive performance. They are exceptionally resistant to breaking with excellent de-burring and rust removal capacity Read more...