Delivery | Pakistan Oxygen Limited


Delivery (Bulk, Pipeline, Onsite etc)


For medium to large volumetric requirements we offer gases liquefied in vacuum insulated cryogenic containers. The product is delivered by our dedicated trucks to the customer’s location.


For large volumes of gas demand we offer pipeline-based supply option to the consumers.


For very large volumes of gas consumption we offer on-site based supply option to the consumers.

Telemetry system

A sensor-based telemetry device installed at customer sites that offers real-time stock monitoring of storage tanks. The application ensures proper supply scheduling and delivery of products which customers can also monitor by logging into a customized portal.

POL’s telemetry solution is branded as TeleTel.

This is an automated cloud based remote real time data capture and inventory management solution that allows you to distantly manage storage tanks. This industrial IoT solution enables you to take control of your business. You can:

  • Manage and monitor critical storage tank data such as inventory level, pressure, temperature, and flow rate. Using sophisticated sensor, data is wirelessly transmitted to cloud-based application that can be accessed and managed remotely through desktop, laptop, or smart phone applications
  • Get SMS/email alerts in case of critical situations
  • Monitor and manage distant assets 24/7
  • Customized as per your requirement to fit-in any industry such as industrial Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, Oil & Gas and others
  • Cylinder/Assets Tracking

    A world-class and unique smart-phone supported application to track, manage and maintain gas cylinders. The application integrates with SAP to provide data that enables better asset control. It allows customers to have real time data on filling pressure, quantity, production and expiry dates, etc. Additionally, it digitalizes maintenance records of cylinders that results in improved cylinder safety, better compliance and superior customer experience.