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Gas Accessories: Valves, Fittings, Arrestors, Hoses & More


Pakistan Oxygen Limited believes in providing quality equipment yielding desirable results for all the welding needs of a business. Our gas and arc equipment has uses in industrial and general fabrication, light fabrication, repair and maintenance, structural steel fabrication, civil construction, general manufacturing and chemicals industry. As a leading supplier of industrial gases and gas mixtures, we are ideally positioned to understand your safety and performance needs. Building on our in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, we have engineered a vast range of equipment to the highest standards, so you can rely on optimum quality, performance, safety and reliability. Our industry-leading after sales support give you added peace of mind.

Stand Alone Alarms -

Emergency Shutdown Systems -

Diaphragm & Miniature Needle Valves -

Excess Flow Shut-Off Valves -

Check Valves & Relief Valves -

Compression Type Tube Fittings -

Pipe Fittings -

Cylinder Connections -

High Purity Flexible Hoses -

Flash Arrestor -

Gas Heaters -

Start-Up Kit & Moisture Indicator -

Gauges -

Cylinder, Dewar & Tonner Scales -