Specialty Gases

Specialty gases include rare gases, extremely pure gases and gases of the highest mixing accuracy, which are used in very demanding applications by a wide range of industries. Pakistan Oxygen is a leading specialty gases manufacturer and distributor


Chemical Composition:

  • Purity Level                           99.999%
  • Typical Filling Pressure      200 bar

Hazard Symbols:

  • May explode if heated



  • Calibration gas and balance gas in calibration mixtures. Gas chromatography also uses helium as a carrier gas
  • It is used extensively in the welding industry as a shielding gas
  • As a constituent in neutral atmospheres for e.g., in heat treatment applications requiring a protective atmosphere
  • Used with leak detectors for authenticity of fabricated components and systems
    With argon and neon, helium is used for filling electronic tubes
  • For filling toy balloons (in mixtures with Nitrogen), airplane tyres, advertising blimps and geostationaryballoons
  • As a carrier gas and purge gas for a variety of semiconductor processes
  • For analytical instruments, helium serves as a zero(span) gas
  • As an inflating gas in air bags

Zero Air

Chemical Composition:

  • Purity Level                           99.5%
  • Typical Filling Pressure      -200 bar

Hazard Symbols:

  • Compressed gas may explode if heated


  • Air is a mix of oxygen and nitrogen. It supports burning, respiration of plants and animals, decay and industrial oxidations
  • Air is used in medical gas mixtures and as an oxidizer for flame ionization detectors in chromatography and total hydrocarbon analyzers
  • As a balance gas for many calibration gases
  • As zero gas in the running and calibration of environmental monitoring and test measurements where levels of Sulphur and nitric oxides can affect the measurement equipment

Rare gases

Pakistan Oxygen is a supplier of rare gases used in medical, lighting, laser, processing and LCD/PDP display applications.

Ultra-high purity gases

Ultra-high purity gases provide standard data for zero-point corrections in the manufacturing process. They are thus essential in experiments, research, production of semiconductors, petrochemicals and in environmental sector. They are also used as a carrier gas for a variety of analytical equipment and as sealing gases for light bulbs.

Calibration mixtures

Calibration mixtures are the norm for all measuring equipment and every process and therefore require strict accuracy in mixing ratios and measurements. They are used to correct industrial and reach grade analytical equipmentand manage process and quality.

Process mixtures

Process mixtures are either mixed continuously on site from pure gases or supplied pre-mixed. Process mixtures are used in the metal fabrication, food, medical and lighting industries.