Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ)

Our Vision
  • All accidents are preventable
  • Safe, secure and healthy working conditions for all who work with and for us.
  • High quality, safe and environmentally responsible products and services that meet or exceed customers expectations.
  • Responsible use of natural resources.
  • Economic and environmental sustainability in everything we do.
Our Commitment
  • Comply with applicable legal, regulatory, industry and corporate requirements.
  • Operate our facilities in a safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Accountability and performance tracking against our SHEQ goals and targets.
  • Work with our business partners and industry to actively promote and enforce compliance with this policy.
  • Maintain high standards of safety, health, environment, quality and ethics.
Our Principles
  • Safety, health, quality and care for the environment are foundational principles of our business.
  • The safety and health of our colleagues, customers, business partners and communities in which we operate is our top priority.
  • Visible leadership and personal accountability for SHEQ, at all levels.
  • SHEQ principles shall be reflected in 100% of our behavior, 100% of the time.
The Golden Rules of Safety

Personal Ownership for Safety
We will consistently demonstrate personal ownership and accountability for safety through our actions and behaviours.

Driving & Vehicles
We will operate our vehicles safely and responsibly at all times and use the safety equipment provided.

Permit to Work
We will use the Permit to Work system where necessary to ensure hazards and risks are understood and controlled.

Working at Height
We will only work at height when the required safety measures to prevent falls are in place.

Lifting Operations
We will ensure lifting operations utilizing cranes or other lifting devices are carried out safely.

Contractor Management
We will select and manage our contractors so that they meet POL’s safety requirements.

Engineering Management of Change (EMOC)
We will only proceed with technical changes to process plants and process equipment when an Engineering Management of Change process addressing the safety risks has been completed.