PGP & Hardgoods

Here is short description about the product features…

Main features of products...

With decades old heritage in the industrial gases and equipment market, our understanding of our customer’s requirements is unequalled. This has allowed us to develop complete solutions, supplying high-quality industrial equipment and safety products across the country.

Our knowledge and capability makes us the ideal partner to provide our customers with products that meet the demands of their business.

Our PGP & Hardgood solutions are tailor-made to suit your consumption needs. Feel free to contact our Customer Service Centre (, for more details.

Our portfolio includes products under our own brands together with leading original manufacturers’ brands:

– Oxygen
– Nitrogen
– Argon
– CO2
– Acetylene
– Helium
– Hydrogen
– Gas Mixtures
– High Purity Specialty Gases
– Calibration Mixtures
– Refrigerants (R134a, R400 Series, Liquid Propane, Liq Helium)

Welding and Hardgoods :

– E7018 MS Welding Electrode – Fortrex (Click here for details)
– E6013 MS Welding Electrode – Zodian Universal (Click here for details)
– E6013 All Purpose MS Welding Electrodes
– E308 & E308 L Stainless Steel Electrodes
– ER 70S MIG /MAG CO2 Welding Wire
– AC/DC Welding Machines
– MS Cutting and Grinding Disc
– Gas Regulators
– Cutting and Welding Nozzle, Torches and Mixers
– Flashback Arrester