Medical Oxygen

Pakistan Oxygen offers a complete portfolio of compressed and bulk medical gases for healthcare applications. Product groups that we offer in the healthcare segment include primarily breathing gases and anesthetics. The meet the requirements of the analytical research, highly purified gases as well as calibration, carrying, and zero-gases are available in Pakistan Oxygen portfolio. The gases that we offer include oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, nitrous oxide and ENTONOX.

Medical Oxygen

Oxygen is essential for human respiration to sustain life. It may be used for the following purposes in your hospital

  • Used as carrier gas to deliver anesthetic agents to tissues of the body
  • Used in respiratory therapy to increase the amount of oxygen and decrease the amount of other gases circulating in the blood stream
  • Used as the basis for almost all modern anesthetic techniques as well as pre- and post-operative management
  • Used in the management of sudden cardiac and respiratory arrest, whether drug-induced or traumatic
  • Used in the resuscitation of the critically ill when the circulation is impaired and in neo natal resuscitation
  • Used to provide life support by restoring oxygen levels


Specific applications of medical oxygen include Normobaric and Hyperbaric therapies. The details of these are provided below:

Normobaric oxygen therapy

This oxygen therapy is indicated

  • for the treatment or prevention of acute or chronic hypoxia, irrespective of genesis
  • as the propellant gas in nebulizer therapy
  • as topical treatment of local hypoxia
  • as adjunctive treatment in wound care
  • for the treatment of acute attack in patients with an established diagnostic of cluster headache

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen is indicated for the treatment of conditions where it is beneficial to increase the oxygen content of blood and other tissues above that which is attainable under normobaric pressure
This therapy is used:

  • for the treatment of decompression sickness, air/gas emboli of other genesis and carbon monoxide poisoning
  • to treat carbon monoxide poisoning in patients that are or have been unconscious, that have shown neurological signs, cardiovascular disfunction or severe acidosis and in pregnant females all irrespective of COHb
  • as an adjunctive treatment for osteoradionecrosis and clostridial myonecrosis (gas gangrene)
    Warnings and precautions of use
  • There are no absolute contraindications to the use of medical oxygen but the inspired concentration should be limited in the case of premature infants and in patients with chronic bronchitis and emphysema
  • Special care is needed when medical oxygen is administered:
    – To neonates where inspired concentration should not exceed 40% because of the risk of retrolenticular fibroplasia
    – To elderly chronic bronchitis patients in whom the inspired concentration should only be raised in stages of 1% and probably should not exceed 30%
    – In hyperbaric chambers in the treatment of conditions such as carbon monoxide poisoning, anaerobic infections and acute ischaemic disease, convulsions may occur at 3 bar (g) after few hours
  • Careful monitoring of oxygen levels on the breath, blood and tissue is required to ensure that appropriate concentrations are not exceeded
  • Oxygen supports combustion; naked flames and smoking are prohibited when medical oxygen is in use
  • Under no circumstance should oil or grease be used to lubricate any part of the compressed medical oxygen cylinder or the associated equipment used to deliver gas to the patient
  • Where moisturizing creams are required to be used with the facemask etc., only an approved cream should be used; ensure that hands are clean and free from any grease
  • Care is needed when handling and using compressed medical oxygen cylinders.

Quality of Medical Oxygen

Medical gases are medication that significantly support human life, reduce pain sensitivity and support other aspects of health care. As such they are subject to pharmaceutical traceability and must be delivered in gaseous or liquid form under specific transport conditions by personnel trained to handle these products. Reliability of supply is also critical.
Pakistan Oxygen limited realizes the criticality of healthcare supply and has multiple plants across the nation through which to ensure supply reliability as well as a Code of Ethics that always puts healthcare customers first.
Our production and distribution employees are trained, and our processes and equipment ensure pharmaceutical production of the required quality. Our production facilities are also regularly inspected the local and international quality teams to ensure that we are fully compliant to the international standards. Because of this stringent focus on quality at all stages of production and distribution, the purity and quality of Pakistan Oxygen limited gases comply with both local and international standards.

Our Supply options

Pakistan Oxygen offers extensive variety of gas supply options for the hospitals’ use to satisfy their demand for flexible delivery of gases. For small hospitals we supply gaseous oxygen in cylinders. To medium sized hospitals, liquid medical oxygen is supplied through cylinders and via Micro-bulk. For large hospitals oxygen in liquid form is supplied to Vacuum Insulated Evaporator (VIE) that are usually owned and maintained on customer premises.

 Cylinder distribution system

Pakistan Oxygen provides a variety of portable compressed gas cylinders for the hospitals’ use. Gaseous medical oxygen is supplied in cylinders that require small supply on demand basis with portability. These cylinders are supplied in high or low pressure and a range of different sizes, dependent on the requirement and the usage of customers.

Range of cylinders provided for compressed medical gases.

 Portable cryogenic containers

We supply liquid medical oxygen in liquified gas cylinders known as Portable Cryogenic Containers (PCC) or XLs to medium sized hospitals. PCCs are smaller in size, reliable and economical for storage of liquefied oxygen at cryogenic temperatures. It contains a large volume of gas at a relatively low pressure compared to a compressed gas cylinder which is an ideal option for hospitals that require continuous supply. We provide onsite filling of medical oxygen to customers by our dedicated fleet of cryogenic tankers.


For medium sized hospitals that require consistent oxygen supply to multiple stations a micro-bulk tank is installed at customer premises. Micro-bulk is both cost- and space-efficient method of supply according to customers demand schedule.

We provide onsite filling of Micro-bulk medical oxygen to customers that require smaller quantities of bulk supply by our dedicated fleet of cryogenic tankers. Oxygen in liquid form occupies less space than in gaseous form and thus space is also efficiently utilized.

Bulk distribution system

The medical oxygen supply to larger hospitals is of critical importance. To ensure that you, the customer, have reliable and continuous oxygen supply that is cost efficient, you may consider having a Vacuum Insulated Evaporator (VIE) installed.

In this supply mode, medical oxygen is supplied in liquid form by our dedicated fleet of cryogenic tankers into the vacuum insulated bulk storage vessels called VIE’s that we usually own and maintain on customer premises. This method ensures a safe and cost-effective supply of medical oxygen to the customer according to their demand schedule. Oxygen in liquid form occupies less space than in gaseous form and thus space is also efficiently utilized.

To ensure continuous supply of medical oxygen, we offer Telemetry service to our customers. A sensor-based Telemetry device is installed at customer site that offers real-time monitoring of product level in VIEs. The application ensures timely scheduling and delivery of gas. Customers can also monitor their oxygen tank level by logging into a customized portal.


If you already have a VIE on-site, perhaps you might consider a re-size to reach the right balance between supply and cost efficiency. Whatever your requirements, you can count on our dedicated medical sales team to advise you accordingly.