Liquid Nitrogen

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Pakistan Oxygen Limited (POL) offers a wide array of industrial and medical gases to support different industries.

Nitrogen is produced by our Air Separation Units (ASU) where the process begins with a main air compressor that sends air through a clean-up system that removes moisture, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons. Later through liquefaction of atmospheric air, nitrogen is separated by continuous cryogenic distillation. The finished product is then stored as a cryogenic liquid in specialized vacuum insulated cryogenic containers and is transferred to customers as per their demand. Nitrogen can also be produced non cryogenically using pressure swing adsorption method.

Liquid nitrogen can reach extremely low temperatures of -196 degrees Celsius, which enables its use in cryogenic food freezing to preserves food freshness and quality. Nitrogen is also widely used in chemicals and pharmaceuticals processes, pigging and purging of pipelines, well stimulation, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), injection and pressure testing, and as a packaging gas due to its inert nature.

It is also used in packaged food stuff to preserve quality and enhance shelf-life.  We can provide low or zero-additive alternative solutions for preservation compared to conventional techniques. Our state-of-the-art technologies and applications optimise processes, improve quality, increase yield, protect quality during transport and extend shelf life. 

We are able to support our customers from dairy, beverages, meat, bakery and fruit and vegetables to the packaged food businesses through our extensive application portfolio:

  • Chilling & freezing
  • Food preservation
  • Hydrogenation
  • In-transit refrigeration
  • Purging
  • Water treatment
  • Carbonation

Our teams of engineers and market specialists work with customers to understand their business needs and their existing processes and develop nitrogen gas applications that are tailored specifically to their requirement. POL can also supply highest quality vacuum insulated storage tanks (or VIE) that can be installed at customers site to ensure safe operations and optimum storage capacity. If you have any additional questions or require further clarification, please, do not hesitate to send us an email (Click here).

We strive to constantly raise the bar and develop high-quality products and solutions that create added value, clearly discernible competitive advantages, and greater profitability for our customers. Our customers use our product to improve efficiencies, cut process costs and enhance quality and productivity. Even more importantly, our innovative product technologies and applications are paving the way for more sustainable, green lifestyle choices and practices.