Liquid carbon dioxide

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Pakistan Oxygen Limited (POL) offers a wide array of industrial and medical gases to support different industries

Liquid Carbon dioxide is produced by our manufacturing plant using combustion method. Our plants produce purified, dehumidified and liquefied product to produce high quality Carbon Dioxide which is fit for consumption for our customers. Carbon Dioxide is used in the beverages industry for carbonation. Among its wide other uses, the gas is also used to blanket chemicals, for fire extinguishing, as a neutralizing agent for pH control in water treatment, as an inert gas agent for welding processes and other applications. Solidified carbon dioxide, more commonly known as ‘dry ice’ is also widely used as a cooling agent.

It is delivered to our customers in liquid form, through onsite storage, for use in high-volume customer applications. Carbon dioxide is stored as a liquid in specialized vessels which can provide several days’ supply and be used on demand as either a liquid or gas.

Our teams of engineers and market specialists work with customers to understand their business needs and their existing processes, and develop gas and welding applications that are tailored specifically to their requirement. If you have any additional questions or require further clarification, please, do not hesitate to send us an email (Click here).

we strive to constantly raise the bar and develop high-quality products and solutions that create added value, clearly discernible competitive advantages, and greater profitability for our customers. Our customers use our product to improve efficiencies, cut process costs and enhance quality and productivity. Even more importantly, our innovative product technologies and applications are paving the way for more sustainable, green lifestyle choices and practices.