Linde Pakistan joins in flood relief

The worst monsoon rains in Pakistan in 80 years that began in early August and lasted three weeks, caused massive flooding that hit a third of the country and displaced some 20 million people.

The floods swept away homes and villages, and caused massive destruction to infrastructure, livestock and crops. Some 1,600 people have lost their lives in the disaster. Linde Pakistan employees were not spared. The homes of six of our employees were either badly damaged or destroyed in the floods. The company quickly reached out to the affected employees by providing financial and other assistance to the staff and their families.

The company’s generosity did not stop there. It pledged 5 million Pakistan rupees (EUR 44,000) to the national flood relief effort, and allowed employees to take two days of paid leave to participate in any voluntary relief work associated with the crisis. Employees also voluntarily contributed two days of their salaries towards flood relief.

The Linde South & East Asia regional office in Singapore also did its part to support the cause through monetary donations. In all, donations by the Pakistan unit and the regional office amounted to a total of Rs 12.2 million (approximately EUR 112,000). The monies were transferred to two local non-profit organisations for specific use in flood relief and rebuilding efforts in Pakistan.

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