Compressed Hydrogen

Pakistan Oxygen Limited (POL) offers an array of industrial and medical gases to support the full requirement of industry.

Hydrogen is most frequently produced for on-site usage by steam reforming of natural gas. Such plants may also be used as sources of hydrogen for the merchant market. Other sources are the chlor-alkali process that electrolysis sodium chloride solution to produce chlorine, and various waste gas recovery plants, such as at oil refineries or steel plants (coke oven gas). Hydrogen is also produced by electrolysis of water.

Hydrogen is a flammable, colorless and odorless gas

• In the electronics industry, high purity hydrogen is used as both a reducing agent and as a carrier gas.

• Gas chromatography uses hydrogen as a carrier gas.

• Hydrogen is also used in the welding and cutting of metals.

• Hydrogen also has its uses in leak testing applications

• Hydrogen is used for combustion in the laboratory; it is used in analyzer flames, reducing flame photometry detection instruments, flame ionization detection instruments, and fuel cells.

• The coolant gas in turbo generators for electrical power plants also uses hydrogen.

• Hydrogen is used for synthesis of ammonia.

• It serves as fuel in fuel cell applications.

• Hydrogen is used extensively in the metals industries. It is used when heat treating stainless steel and in the production of carbon steels, special metals and semiconductors.

• Hydrogen is used for the hydrogenation of vegetable and animal oils to produce margarine and other fats, hydro-treatment of petroleum products, and hydrosulphuration of fuels in order to eliminate Sulphur.