Compressed Carbon dioxide

Pakistan Oxygen Limited (POL) offers arrays of industrial and medical gases to support the full requirement of industry.

• Carbon dioxide is also used for blood analysis and dehydration of penicillin.

• Carbon dioxide is used in mixtures for car emission monitoring and environmental monitoring.

• Carbon dioxide has its applications in chemical industries and in curing water by acting as a neutralizing agent for pH control.

• Other uses of Carbon dioxide include serving as a pressurized gas in consumer products due to its inexpensive and non-flammable nature.

• In medicine, carbon dioxide is used in combination with oxygen for treating victims of asphyxiation and also for treating certain skin conditions.

• Carbon dioxide mixed with ethylene oxide is used as a fumigant for eliminating insects in grain silos or dates. Ample quantities of carbon dioxide are also used in carbonated beverages such as soft drinks and conservation of wine, unfermented grape juice and various fruit juices.

• In green houses, carbon dioxide is used to boost plant growth rates by modifying the surrounding atmosphere. On being combined with Nitrogen, it is used in food packaging applications (MAP- Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prolong the quality of food items.

• Carbon dioxide, along with helium and nitrogen, is used as the active medium in carbon dioxide lasers.

• Carbon dioxide is used for foam blowing.

• In analytical and supercritical Fluid chromatography (SFC), carbon dioxide is used as a carrier gas.

• Solid carbon dioxide is used as blasting agent and for food transport freezing.

• Other pertinent uses of carbon dioxide include fire extinguishing.

Carbon dioxide is recovered from many sources. It is obtained as an off-gas from fermentation process and from fertilizer industry operations.

Carbon dioxide is a liquefied, colorless gas which is an asphyxiant in high concentrations.

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