About Pakistan Oxygen

Note: With effect from  7-Jan-2018, The BOC Group Limited has sold its entire shareholding in Pakistan Oxygen Limited (formerly Linde Pakistan Limited). The company is, therefore, no longer part of The Linde Group. 
Our Legacy in Pakistan

In Pakistan, we have led and contributed to the development of the industrial gases industry for more than 70 years, providing global solutions with a local outlook, each customized to the specific needs of our customers.

We supply products to more than 4000 customers from a wide spectrum of industries ranging from chemicals and petrochemicals to steel, food and healthcare.

Our team of trained and professional staff manages 24-hour operations at ten major industrial locations across the country to support our customers wherever they may be located.


Our legacies are pioneering and sustaining technologies for the local industries. Our heritage is our partnership with our customers and enabling them to become leaders in their fields.

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Registration and NTN Details:

Our National Tax Number is 0709930-4

Our Company Registration Number is 000288

Status of Company:  Public Interest Company 

Name of Legal Adviser :  Hamid Law Associates



Overseas Investor of Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Bin Qasim Association of Trade and Industry
Management Association of Pakistan
Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance

Indian Oxygen and Acetylene Company
Liaison office opened in Karachi
Pakistan Oxygen and Acetylene Company (Pvt.) Limited registered
Renamed Pakistan Oxygen Limited ( POL) and becomes a public limited company with 60% BOC Group holding and 40% local public shareholding. Company is listed on the Stock Exchange
Renamed as BOC Pakistan Ltd. No change in pattern of shareholding
BOC Pakistan becomes a strategic partner for Lotte PTA for Nitrogen and Hydrogen supply. Installs Pakistan’s largest Air Separation Unit at that time capable of producing up to 100 tons per day of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon. Also invests in an Electrolytic Hydrogen Plant
Becomes a strategic supplier for PARCO, the country’s largest refinery, through on-site MicroLN generator. Also sets up an ASU at Taxila for meeting increased Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon demand in Northern Pakistan
BOC Pakistan invests in 60 tons per day CO2 plant in Multan to meet the demand from the beverage sector in Pakistan
Linde and BOC merge to form The Linde Group. BOC Pakistan becomes a member of The Linde Group
Invests Rs. 214 million in 23 tons per day CO2 plant at Port Qasim to ensure reliable product availability for key beverage customers
New Nitrous Oxide plant commissioned at Lahore
BOC Pakistan announces Rs. 2 billion investment to build Pakistan’s largest air separation plant in Lahore capable of producing up to 150 tons per day of oxygen, nitrogen and argon
BOC Pakistan re-brands as Linde Pakistan on 19 September
Linde Pakistan inaugurates Pakistan’s largest Air Separation Unit (ASU) at Sundar Industrial Estate in Lahore
Relocates ASU from Taxila to Port Qasim to improve supply reliability in the south region
Linde’s investment in state-of-the-art Nitrogen Generation in PARCO Qasba Gujrat get fully operational
Linde commissioned its Carbon Dioxide Compression facility at West Wharf Karachi.